Termas de Cacheuta – Places in Mendoza

Termas de Cacheuta

Mendoza is an excellent destination to enjoy during the summer as it has countless places, attractions, and activities for all kinds of audiences. That's why we created a new section called PLACES IN MENDOZAwhere we show you some of the must-visit places in Mendoza, such as the Cacheuta Hot Springs. Cacheuta Hot Springs.

Cacheuta Hot Springs

These hot springs are located in a mountainous area near Mendoza's capital, within a beautiful landscape that you can enjoy even before arriving. The pools have temperatures ranging from 25°C to 50°C, and the minerals in the water provide a soothing massage to the body. The warmer pools are located at the top, and as you descend, the water temperature decreases.

The areas are connected with each other through terraced gardens and stone staircases, blending seamlessly with the landscape. Enjoying the hot tubs, sunbathing, and sharing the barbecue area with grills and tables for lunch are all part of a day of relaxation within the hot springs.

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