Malargue and Its Attractions. Visit it!

City of Malargue

Head of a young department, experiencing significant growth and progress. It is an ideal complement, offering all the services a tourist can find amidst the stunning landscapes with which nature has endowed the department. Some noteworthy tourist landmarks to visit around the city include: Fortín Malal-Hue (12km from the city), Malargue Regional Museum (north of the city), Thesaurus Exhibition Center (north of downtown), La Orteguina Ranch (a few kilometers to the north), Pierre Auger Project (steps away from the city center).

Llancanello Faunal Reserve

It is a protected site as a reserve and is among the few of its kind in the world. Technically, it is a wetland in an extremely arid area, attracting various bird species from around the world year after year. The area encompasses a delicate ecosystem where human intervention must be minimal to avoid harm; hence hunting and fishing are prohibited.

La Payunia Total Reserve

It is the largest reserve in the province of Mendoza, concentrating one of the largest concentrations of volcanoes in the world, all of which are currently inactive. Extensive lava fields cover the territory, giving the landscape a breathtaking appearance for visitors. The area boasts a diverse wildlife and flora worth protecting, leading to projects aimed at expanding and providing greater protection to the ecosystem. Notable efforts include new conservation systems and the rational and sustainable exploitation of the guanaco population in the area.

High Mountain Circuit

Taking provincial route 222 provides access to this wonderful circuit. The locations of Los Molles and Las Leñas invite travelers to pause in their journey and enjoy their numerous comforts and tourist services. The quality of services provided by the Las Leñas center, whether in winter or during the summer season, is well known. Further west, we venture into Valle Hermoso, in the heart of the Andes mountain range, an area of immeasurable beauty with a rich fish fauna, a camping site, and a small restaurant.