Tips To Travel in Mendoza

Traveling solo is one of the best experiences you should have at least once in your life. Why? Because you can go wherever you want, no one will judge you, you set your own pace, make new friends, treat yourself, find yourself, create unforgettable memories, and revolutionize your personal growth. Here are some tips to help you travel solo and make the most of your own experience.

Visit a Doctor

Before traveling, it's advisable to visit a doctor to ensure everything is in order and your body is in optimal condition for the journey. Keep in mind that traveling alone isn't dangerous, but no one will take care of you more than yourself, and your body is your means to reach all those fascinating places.

Pack a First Aid Kit

Take care of your health and pack a first aid kit with essential items for the trip. Research any vaccines that may be required for your chosen destination. For example, travelers to Brazil should take precautions and get vaccinated against yellow fever before departing.
Por ejemplo, los que viajan a Brasil, deben tener la precaución de vacunarse contra la fiebre amarilla antes de partir.

Plan Ahead

Plan your trip and organize your itinerary. The great thing about traveling solo is that you decide 100% of your plans, and your time is all yours. Therefore, it's advisable to book accommodation for two days in case you come across a new and interesting destination during your trip, or you meet wonderful people to spend your days with.

Travel Insurance

Get travel insurance. Having international medical coverage is essential for peace of mind. The phone number provided by the insurance can be a lifeline for immediate assistance.

Manage Your Finances

Manage your cash carefully. Exchange offices typically offer low exchange rates and high commissions. Use ATMs to withdraw money and avoid withdrawing large amounts at once. Consider getting a prepaid credit card. Keep an emergency fund in a different place from where you keep your regular money.

Rent a Car

Rent a Car Consider renting a car for added peace of mind. It's good to be mindful of the weather conditions. This is important to request winter tires or snow chains in advance.

Ensure before you leave that the rented car has no restrictions on leaving certain cities, crossing tolls, or exceeding the kilometer limit. To rent a car, you only need to present a credit card, the printed reservation voucher, an ID, and a driver's license.

Choose a Suitable Car

Opt for a small car that suits you. You can choose any model and check the prices to plan and organize your trip, but always consider practicality and comfort so that you can go anywhere more affordably and without restrictions to reach longer distances.

Turismo en Mendoza

Do you like to discover new places, new cultures, new people? Are you a frequent traveler? The 21st century has arrived to make your trip much easier with these travel apps.

See a monument and want to know its history, the year it was built, and more? Grab your phone, and you can find out in less than 10 minutes. Want to try the local food? Search on your phone, and you'll likely find an app that helps you discover the city in the best way.

Today, we want to introduce you to the best apps to ensure that your trip has everything and that you can learn everything you want about the city you're in.

Travel Apps in Mendoza


It is perhaps the most well-known app for finding information about hotels, flights, restaurants, and tourist attractions worldwide. Its strength lies in the over 75 million reviews and traveler opinions, along with the photos they upload, allowing you to know the real details of each place before going or making a reservation.

Google Maps:

The best map you can find. It allows you to download multiple areas and mark the places you want to visit in advance, so you can later locate them on a GPS map without needing an internet connection.


You can't travel the world without listening to music. With Spotify, you can listen to the music you want, and you can upgrade to the pro version to listen to whatever you want without needing to be connected to the Internet.

Google Translate:

There are a thousand reasons why a translation app is useful. Getting to know different places also means understanding the language and the people. Therefore, an app that allows you to translate is essential if you're going to a place where you don't understand the language.

Currency Converter:

It keeps the exchange rates for 80 currencies up to date, shows charts comparing two of them, and allows you to save them for quick reference.

Wi-Fi Finder:

It stands out for its simplicity; with just a button press, it shows on a map the available public networks, whether free or paid.

Now let's talk about the apps for traveling and getting to know Mendoza thoroughly and in a different way.


You can find detailed information on commercial establishments, useful phone numbers, bus and metro tram maps, the ability to check your balance on Redbus, Contingencies, police stations, places of interest, tourist centers, and much more. See more.

Gastronomic Routes of Mendoza:

The Mendoza Gastronomic Routes app provides access to a review of each of the distinguished experiences that have been selected, call the restaurant directly from the app, see which restaurants are nearby, discover a wide variety of restaurants organized by category. See more. Ver más.

Mendoza Route:

In addition to traveling around Mendoza, you can create your own itinerary, keep your virtual travel diary, and record your experiences with wines. See more. Ver más.

When It Comes:

With this app, you can find out when the bus is arriving or how far it is from your stop. Just enter the stop number, select the lines, and you'll have the next buses' response in seconds. See more. Ver más.

Now it's up to you to take the first step and come to explore Mendoza. Do you want to make your journey much easier and faster? At Mdz Rent a Car, we offer you the best cars at an affordable price. Contact us and make your trip much simpler with these travel apps.

Aplicaciones para viajar en Mendoza

Mendoza, a touristic city, is located in the central-west region of the Argentine Republic, at the foot of the Andes, the highest mountain range in America. The climate is very pleasant, temperate, and with little rainfall. It is one of the International Capitals of Wine and was chosen as one of the 21 Most Wonderful Cities in the world according to Today, Mendoza has all the amenities like major cities around the world. It offers a wide range of commercial and recreational options and a diverse accommodation offering, including one to five-star hotels, hostels, apart-hotels, cabins, and campgrounds. Mendoza has a vibrant artistic and cultural scene with theaters, museums, art galleries, and craft exhibitions. In addition, there is a varied nightlife, with pubs, dance venues, cinemas, and casinos that remain open until late at night.


Harvest Season (Vendimia)

The harvest season is a time of intense activity. It features a busy schedule of cultural events, including departmental harvest festivals and folk festivals that span the first three months of the year, culminating on the first Saturday of March in the city of Mendoza with the National Harvest Festival. The week following the central celebrations is complemented by the classic Rally de las Bodegas. But the attractions don't end there—during Holy Week, the Festival of Classical Music by the Wine Routes is added, an exquisite combination of wine, good music, and aesthetically pleasing environments.

Mendoza, Wine Capital

Mendoza is one of the most important wine centers in South America. Since 2005, it has been the World Capital of Wine of the Great Wine Capitals Global Network. The Wine Routes provide an easy and appealing way to access the universe of wine sensations. This allows access to the processes of planting, harvesting, winemaking, and tasting of fresh grapes and wines.

Adventure and Sports

Both water and mountain activities are the most popular throughout the Andes, and they can be enjoyed year-round. Regarding water activities, the most popular ones include rafting, kayaking, bodyboarding, and canoeing. The varied programs offer experiences for all ages and different difficulty levels. The province also has eight reservoirs where sailing, windsurfing, water skiing, and sport fishing can be practiced. Regarding adventure on land, the options are vast, whether on foot or horseback. Hiking and trekking options are numerous and vary in difficulty. Horseback riding has become one of the best-incorporated activities into tourist packages, taking visitors to wonderful places. The mountains allow for other activities such as rappelling, mountain biking expeditions, climbing, and zip-lining. Excursions on four tracks and overlanding are also popular.


A natural park with easy access, offering various ascension routes to the mountain with different levels of difficulty. It has summits exceeding 5,000m, rising impressively toward the open sky, reaching its maximum expression at the North Summit of Mount Aconcagua (6,962m). This feature attracts the attention of mountaineers and hikers from various parts of the world, as it is the highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere.

Ski Centers

Mendoza has a diverse offering of winter sports. Click here to see the different ski centers in the province. Click aquí y mira los diferentes centros de esqui de la provincia.

Must-Visit Tourist Places

North Zone

-Telteca Nature Reserve

-Altos Limpios

Greater Mendoza Zone

-General San Martin Park

-Cerro de la Gloria

-Potrerillos Dam

-Potrerillos Valley

-Cacheuta Hot Springs-Villavicencio

East Zone

-El Carrizal Reservoir


Uco Valley

-Laguna del Diamante

-Manzano Histórico

-Cerro El Plata

-Wine Route

South Zone

-La Toma.

-Caverna de las brujas

-Valle de las leñas

-Castillos de Pincheira

-La Payunia

-Pozo de las ánimas

-Laguna Llancanelo

-Valle Grande

-El Nihuil

-Los Reyunos

At Mdz Rent a Car, we give you the opportunity to explore the place you want so you can enjoy the land of sun and good wine. Click here and check out our fleet.

For more tourist information, visit Mendoza's official websites:

Mendoza Ciudad Turística

Mendoza is already synonymous with the sensations of wine. Anyone who thinks of this union cannot help but envision landscapes populated with mountains and vineyards. They cannot help but sense the distinctive aroma of our Malbec, and no matter how hard they try, they won't be able to rid their mouth of the warm, smooth, and sweet taste of this nectar.

Heading Toward Art

If one takes the road to Vistalba, they will find ample opportunities to visit different wineries. One of them, called Kaiken, includes a wine painting class in its itinerary of activities. Here, the Mendoza-based artist Mema Rocha combines her artistic background with the infinite tones that each region contributes in its variety to teach visitors how to paint their own pictures. Vistalba, se encontrará con la amplia posibilidad de visitar distintas bodegas; una de ellas, llamada Kaiken, presenta dentro de su itinerario de actividades una clase de pintura con vino (wine painting classes). Allí la artista mendocina Mema Rocha combina su bagaje artístico con los infinitos tonos que cada región aporta en su variedad para enseñar a los visitantes a pintar sus propios cuadros.

Within the province, there are also exhibitions like that of Gonzalo Antón, who uses a technique that combines wine, acrylic, and alcohol.


This is a treatment offered in various spas in our province such as Entre Entre Cielos or Kumelkanamong others.

This technique utilizes the properties of grapes to cleanse and detoxify the skin, as well as wine baths that concentrate the vitamins and minerals of this fruit with an energetic and relaxing effect. Among other things, vinotherapy offers decontracting massages with oil prepared based on red wine.

The options are varied, diverse, and different from each other, all with the same muse: Mendoza wine. A drink with many phases, many faces, infinite possibilities, inviting us to enter its lush world of experiences and sensations.

Within the province, there are also exhibitions like that of Gonzalo Antón, who uses a technique that combines wine, acrylic, and alcohol.

Bodegas en Mendoza

City of Malargue

Head of a young department, experiencing significant growth and progress. It is an ideal complement, offering all the services a tourist can find amidst the stunning landscapes with which nature has endowed the department. Some noteworthy tourist landmarks to visit around the city include: Fortín Malal-Hue (12km from the city), Malargue Regional Museum (north of the city), Thesaurus Exhibition Center (north of downtown), La Orteguina Ranch (a few kilometers to the north), Pierre Auger Project (steps away from the city center).

Llancanello Faunal Reserve

It is a protected site as a reserve and is among the few of its kind in the world. Technically, it is a wetland in an extremely arid area, attracting various bird species from around the world year after year. The area encompasses a delicate ecosystem where human intervention must be minimal to avoid harm; hence hunting and fishing are prohibited.

La Payunia Total Reserve

It is the largest reserve in the province of Mendoza, concentrating one of the largest concentrations of volcanoes in the world, all of which are currently inactive. Extensive lava fields cover the territory, giving the landscape a breathtaking appearance for visitors. The area boasts a diverse wildlife and flora worth protecting, leading to projects aimed at expanding and providing greater protection to the ecosystem. Notable efforts include new conservation systems and the rational and sustainable exploitation of the guanaco population in the area.

High Mountain Circuit

Taking provincial route 222 provides access to this wonderful circuit. The locations of Los Molles and Las Leñas invite travelers to pause in their journey and enjoy their numerous comforts and tourist services. The quality of services provided by the Las Leñas center, whether in winter or during the summer season, is well known. Further west, we venture into Valle Hermoso, in the heart of the Andes mountain range, an area of immeasurable beauty with a rich fish fauna, a camping site, and a small restaurant.