Recreation and Sports in the Park

Correr en el parque

Various recreational, cultural, educational, and sporting activities take place in the park throughout the year. Important events are held, such as the National Vendimia Festival at the Teatro Griego Frank Romero Day, the annual Americanto gathering, symphonic concerts on Isla del Lago, international sports events at the Mundialista Islas Malvinas stadium, regattas on the lake, open-air cinema at Rosedal, marathons, bike rides, competitions, and various gatherings. Seven clubs are located within this green space, offering a variety of sports: golf, tennis, rowing, soccer.
Cultural and recreational activities also have their place in an important museum, the Museum of Natural and Anthropological Sciences, located in the old "Playas Serranas" building, showcasing significant archaeological, paleontological, and mineral exhibits. It is visited daily by numerous schoolchildren and tourists.


During the weekend, the Sports Directorate organizes free activities at the roundabout near Rosedal. These activities attract hundreds of people who combine a healthy lifestyle with the pure environment of the park.


  • 10:00 hs Healthy Walks
  • 16:00 hs Aerobics
  • 17:00 hs Aerobox
  • 17:30 hs Salsa


  • 9:00 hs Yoga
  • 10:10 hs Nutrition and Health Workshops
  • 10:00 hs Aerobics
  • 10:00 hs to 11:30 hs Healthy Walks
  • 11:30 hs Aerobics

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