5 Tips for Visiting Mendoza Without Wasting Time or Money

Vacaciones en Mendoza

If you're visiting Mendoza, there are endless activities to enjoy. With wineries opening up to tourism for visits and tastings, Mendoza's wineries began to add restaurants to their gourmet offerings, setting the table amidst vineyards and barrels. We want you to come prepared to make the most of your stay. Here are 5 tips for visiting Mendoza and maximizing your experience.

1. Organize Your Stay

Depending on the number of days you decide to stay.

2. Choose 2 Different Places

If you have more than 4 days available in Mendoza, stay in 2 different places. We recommend combining the city (Mendoza Capital) with many options and another place near the mountains, which offers many opportunities.

3. Make Reservations

Book EVERYTHING in advance since Mendoza is very touristy and always fully booked.

4. Transportation

Have a clear plan on how you will move between wineries, and especially check tour schedules. The best option is to rent a vehicle so you can travel wherever you want.

5. Check Distances

By doing this, you'll have everything under control and arrive on time for all the tours.